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Process & Important Dates

The online application system for the September 2022 intake is now closed.

Thank you to all our applicants for the September 2022 program! We have reviewed all the completed applications and forwarded all our admission decisions to applicants.

The next available MScSM program begins in September 2023. The online application system for that program opened on October 1, 2022 and will close on March 15, 2023.

The admission criteria for the September 2023 program will be listd on our website in late August 2022 (admission criteria are subject to change each year).

We only reveiw and consider completed application files that consist of: a completed online application form, payment of the $125 CDN funds application fee via credit card, submission of both the unofficial PDF versions of all post-secondary transcripts and arranging for the official transcripts to be mailed directly to the MScSM Program, two reference letters, a resume and a Letter of Intent responding to our five question(these questions change each yeasr) listed on the admission criteria/documents page.

The final application deadline every year is March 15 however, there are two interim deadlines for those applicants who wish to receive an earlier admission decision.

The November 30 interim application deadline is only for those applicants who have already completed their undergraduate bachelor degree and for international applicants who need to obtain a visa to study in Canada (and who have completed their undergraduate studies). Please note that it is not mandatory that international students apply by November 30. This is only a suggestion, however, it can take many months to obtain a study permit for Canada and all permits/visas at the responsibiltiy of students/applicants. International students can apply by the January 31 deadline or the final application deadline of March 15, however this final deadline is often too late for international students to obtain their study permit and we do not grant deferrals if students are unable to obtain a study permit. We highly recommend international students applyand complete their applications by the January 31 interim application deadline.

For those applicants who completed their applications between October 1 and November 30, their files will be reviewed in December and early January. Due to the high volume of applications, online interviews are usually scheduled for early to mid-January Please note that only qualified applicants will receive an invitation to an interview. Admission decisions for all applications completed by November 30, will be  forwarded by January 31. 

The November 30 application deadline is not an option for current fourth year students as we require Fall 2021 grades, with are usually not available until mid-January 2022. Fourth year students can apply for the January 31 application deadline, or the final March 15, 2022 deadline.

The next interim application deadline is January 31 This is for all applicants who completed their online applications from December 1 to January 31, with online interviews scheduled for late February and early to mid-March, with admission decisions forwarded by mid-March (forwarding of final admission decisions by mid March may depend on the volume of applications at this time).

Fourth year student applicants can apply for this application deadline, if their Fall semester grades are available before Janaury 31.

The final application deadline is March 15. All application files that are complete from February 1 to March 15, will be reviewed in late March to late April/early May, with online interviews scheduled in mid-April to early May (please note that only qualified applicants will receive an invitation to an interview). Admission decisions will be forwarded to all applicants by early to mid May.

Fourth year student applicants can apply for this application deadline as their Fall 2021 semester grades will be available. Their Winter semester grades will not be available but we can make a determination on the Fall grades and possibly extend a conditional offer. A conditional offer of admission is common for 4th year applicants. The conditions will include; submission of an official transcript with all final grades, and proof of convocation.

Please note:

  • Only qualified applicants will receive an invitation to a online interview. (not all applicants with completed applications will receive an invitation to a virtual interview).
  • All admission decisions will be forwarded to all applicants by mid May
  • Regrettably, we do not accept or consider late or incomplete applications
  • Any application not completed by the application deadline of March 15 will be closed and not considered

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact the MScSM program office via email