Matthew Chambers



Bachelor of Arts (Honours), International Development Studies • University of Toronto


Matthew graduated from the University of Toronto with a Specialist degree in International Development Studies in 2018. During his undergrad Matthew found a keen interest in the inter-connected range of issues and development approaches found within his program. During his studies he realized that in order for all forms of global development to continue the incorporation of sustainability practices was mandatory. After this realization Matthew began to look at all forms of development through the lens of sustainability and began to gain inspiration from notable sustainability enthusiasts such as Nelson Mandela.

As Matthew’s passion for understanding sustainable development approaches began to blossom he began to look for ways that he could incorporate sustainability practices that align with his entrepreneurial goals. While working for a condominium management company Matthew noticed that cleaning staff had consistent complaints of respiratory issues when using cleaning products. The company response to the issue was to provide cleaning masks for their employees. Matthew although took a deeper look into the chemicals found inside these commercial cleaning products and found that they contained volatile organic compounds. He found that these volatile organic compounds acted as pollutants, with cancerous traits, and have been proven to cause asthma especially when in contact with children. Since then Matthew has teamed up with other University of Toronto students to establish Eco Chambers and Comfort Cleaners. Both companies of which work in unison as an e-commerce hub where a multitude of eco-friendly products and services are offered. The mandate of these companies is to create awareness of the toxic agents found in specific name brand cleaning supplies, and provide an in-expensive eco-friendly alternative that caters to both commercial and residential clients.

In his spare time Matthew has also taken up coaching youth basketball where he provides youth with entrepreneurial knowledge on how to be successful both on the court and academically. Connected to this, Matthew’s personal passion project is to create an after school program that focuses on the mental wellness of marginalized youth. While also providing a space where youth can gain knowledge on financial literacy and grasp ideas of development, technology, and sustainability. Furthermore the goal of the program is to inspire young innovative entrepreneurs to find interest and passion in these growing fields.


Matthew's MScSM Internship: BOMA Canada


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Matthew's Research Poster

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