Randa Ali


Bachelor of Science (Honours), Biology and Sociology • University of Toronto Mississauga 


Randa graduated from University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus in 2019 with an Honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology and Sociology. A Dean’s List Scholar, Randa concentrated on the Sociology of food, exploring ways individual food choices are shaped by broader societal systems. Tying into this was the concentration in evolutionary biology, where the undeniable effects of climate change on animals and plants were studied. She witnessed the effects of climate change while doing fieldwork in environmental biology, and learned about the extreme weather, land erosion, and air pollution happening globally. Randa is passionate about solving issues of inequality and injustice relating to waste and food insecurity, and eventually wants to be in a position to create policies that build climate resilience.

Throughout her time at the University of Toronto, Randa had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for the sociology department, and subsequently as an independent research conductor in evolutionary biology. As a research assistant she conducted qualitative research and completed an executive summary of her findings. Managing her own research project taught her valuable organizational and project management skills, as she had to fully design and execute an original project within a limited time period. Working in research provided the chance for Randa to develop proposals, present strategies and findings to an audience of experts, and delegate time-sensitive tasks. She also participated in the Building Young Entrepreneurs programme offered by the United Nations Association of Canada, where she learned about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN, and how local organizations and leaders are working towards achieving them. This opportunity sparked a deep interest in pursuing a career where she can contribute to tackling inequalities, through the lens of sustainability. 

In her spare time, Randa loves watching documentaries and true crime series, knitting, and kickboxing. She has travelled to 11 countries and wants to one day go backpacking through South America.

Randa's MScSM Internship: Green Campus Co-Operative

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