Cassandra Ostrom


Master of Science • Chemistry • Lakehead University

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) • Chemistry • Lakehead University


Cassandra received her Honours Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Chemistry from Lakehead University 2011 and 2013, respectively. During the course of her studies, Cassandra conducted extensive research on hydrogen storage materials and active catalyst improvement for alternative energy sources, focusing specifically on Palladium-based materials for green energy applications. Following graduation, Cassandra furthered her analytical development through performing collaborative research as a Research Associate Intern. Her work encompassed metallurgy, nanomaterial advancement and nanotechnology for applications toward the development of a hydrogen economy.

Currently pursuing a Masters degree in Sustainability Management at the University of Toronto (Class of 2017), Cassandra is working to enhance her insight to the necessary adjustments society needs to take in order to alleviate prevalent issues within the energy industry. Over the summer of 2016, Cassandra worked with Ivanhoe Cambridge, exploring current and proposed technologies related to improved energy performance and reductions in consumption. Her long-term goals include finding ways to meet global energy needs, while reducing the impact humans currently have on the environment. As a result, Cassandra wishes to further shape the future of clean energy by contributing to the global transition to environmentally sustainable energy alternatives.

Cassandra spent the majority of her undergraduate and graduate studies fuelling her competitive side by competing in and training for XC/track & field. Being an avid athlete Cassandra continues to run; however, she has developed an increased interest in a variety of activities including cycling and multi-day hiking. Cassandra’s personal interests expand past athletics including painting, cooking and enjoying music with friends.

Cassandra's MScSM Internship: Ivanhoe Cambridge

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