Sam Tong


Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Environment and Sustainability) with High Distinction • The University of British Columbia


Sam Tong is a passionate sustainability professional with expertise in ESG compliance, sustainability consultancy, and global development. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Environment and Sustainability) with High Distinction from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in 2023. As Sam realized the urgent need for profound changes in how societies and businesses operate, Sam is committed to taking bold actions on addressing the big sustainability our Earth is facing.

During his undergraduate studies, he examined environmental and sustainability issues from a variety of academic, policy, business, and community perspectives, and learnt to craft creative approaches to solving them. Some of Sam’s advanced coursework includes sustainability science, environmental policies, and green economies, which promoted Sam to gain knowledge of different sustainability issues.

With a deep understanding of ESG investing and strategies, Sam has assisted Fortune Global 500 companies and publicly traded companies in meeting their compliance obligations. He has also published a global sustainability research report on ocean sustainability for the European Commission, showcasing his commitment to driving positive change.

As a Certified WWF Canada Living Planet Leader and GHG emission verifier, Sam is dedicated to sustainable development and has actively engaged in various initiatives. Notably, he organized a successful global workshop on the Circular Economy for the United Nations One Planet Network, fostering sustainable leadership and awareness.

Sam's experience includes working as a Sustainability Consultant at Green Sky Sustainability, where he provided carbon auditing and ESG consultancy services to major companies worldwide. He excels in project management and data analysis, ensuring accurate emissions audits and assisting in the development of ambitious ESG goals.

During his time as an Environmental Data Analyst at UBC, Sam conducted extensive research on global fisheries sustainability and provided strategic recommendations to the European Commission. He also contributed to the United Nations One Planet Network, authoring research reports and organizing impactful events to promote ESG principles and sustainable practices.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Sam actively volunteers for Chinese-speaking community centers, assisting immigrants in their transition to life in Canada. He is also an avid reader, and he highly recommends the book 'The Value of a Whale' by Adrienne Buller.

Sam is thrilled to be part of the MScSM Program, where he looks forward to further expanding his knowledge and expertise in sustainability management. Sam is eager to create a more sustainable and equitable future with other future leaders in the master’s program cohort.