Omar Soliman

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Bachelor of Science (Hons.), Biology for Health Sciences and Anthropology • University of Toronto


Omar grew up in Mississauga. He graduated from the University of Toronto in 2017, with an Honours Bachelor of Science. He double majored in Biology for Health Sciences, and Anthropology. Omar studied a veritable plethora of Biological and Anthropological topics, such as physiology and digital health, as well as sociocultural, and biological anthropology. Throughout the duration of his studies, Omar became fascinated with the cultural drivers and mechanisms that interact with biological systems towards sustainable outcomes. 

During his time as an undergraduate student, Omar was a researcher for a digital health and wearable technology project. While using and studying predictive analytics within various medical devices and wearable technology, he was tasked with helping answer a question on whether, if health and wellness data, when combined with biometric data, can be predictive of superior lifestyle outcomes. This experience allowed Omar to further refine his research skills, as his research position involved applying his statistical knowledge towards analyzing different trends within datasets. Omar has past experiences in auto sales, where he assisted customers. He created a Microsoft® Access database to manage sales, maintenance, and spare part transactions. This allowed him to further understand data management in a business setting.

Outside of academics, Omar is an avid fitness enthusiast. He enjoys playing soccer, running, weightlifting at the gym, and cycling. He enjoys photography, as well as reading. Omar is also an automotive aficionado. Omar aspires to be a forward-thinking leader in the continuum of cultural drive towards more sustainable future goals.

Omar's MScSM Internship: The Delphi Group


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