Hire a Student or Graduate

The MScSM Program includes a 4-month work-term, in which students work with industry partners on a range of topics and placements. Due to the unique range of skills and competencies held by our graduate students, they are prepared to contribute to many different departments, divisions or projects across a wide range of sectors.

We encourage you to tap into our talented pool of students by hiring a summer co-op or internship student at your organization, and by considering our graduates for full-time positions. 

Co-Op / Internship Students

The MScSM Program offers students the opportunity to complete a summer work term, known as a co-op or internship placement, at an industry organization.

Criteria for Co-Op or Internship Placements

In order to be approved by the MScSM Office, co-op or internship placements must:

  • Be full-time for a minimum of 10 weeks and a maximum of 4 months.  Please note that to be eligible for the  Co-operative Education Tax Credit, the employer must offer a placement of at least 10 consecutive weeks
  • Have a designated and qualified supervisor responsible for evaluating the student’s progress
  • Provide the student with in-depth exposure to the employer’s organization
  • Be developed and/or approved as a suitable setting for a graduate-level student
  • Be monitored by the Placement & Employer Relations Office through a site visit, and through a short feedback mechanism.

Co-Op / Internship Timelines

  • The co-op placement for MScSM Students begins in May and ends by the end of August.
  • Students may be hired at any time during the academic year for their summer placement. 
  • We recommend posting your positions early by contacting the Placement & Employer Relations Manager (See details below)

How to Hire a Co-Op or Internship Student

  1. Please contact the Placement & Employer Relations Manager in the MScSM Program Office to discuss the possibility of a student placement at your organization.
  2. If approved, forward a job description to the Placement & Employer Relations Manager, who will post the position to all MScSM Students.
  3. The MScSM Program Office will manage resume collection on your behalf, and by the specified deadline, a package of resumes from interested candidates will be sent to you directly.
  4. The MScSM Office will assist you in arranging interviews at a convenient date and location – either on or off campus.
  5. Once selected, the preferred candidate will be presented with an employment offer.  Once the offer is accepted by the student, the employer confirms hiring details in a contract to the student. This is approved by the MScSM Office.

Full-Time Hires

To hire a full-time student from the MScSM program, please contact the Placement & Employer Relations Manager (see below). We will be pleased to help you create a campus presence strategy that will attract keen graduates from our program. We are also pleased to offer campus recruitment support, including job postings to MScSM Students specifically, resume collection of appropriate candidates, and interview scheduling assistance for candidates of interest.      


There are a number of funding sources that employers may wish to explore for either summer or new graduate employment support.  Please review this short list of funding bodies, which will be updated regularly.

For more information on how to get involved or hire a student, please contact:

Linnet Kocheril

Tel: 437-855-6617

Email: linnet.kocheril@utoronto.ca