Arnav Tandon

Arnav Tandon

International Bachelor of Business Administration (Highest Distinction), Dual Specialization in Finance and Marketing • Kedge Business School


Arnav graduated from Kedge Business School, France, with the highest distinction in International Bachelor of Business Administration degree, specializing in Finance & Marketing. He got intrigued by sustainability by seeing the effectiveness of the garbage disposal system in Paris, France. It motivated him to get involved with sustainability. During his undergrad, he took a sustainable development course wherein he analyzed ESG reports and developed corporate sustainability strategies. During his degree, Arnav got the opportunity to complete two exchange programs. Arnav spent a full academic year at Queen’s University, Canada, learning about Canadian Business & Govt Relations, Consumer Behaviour & Branding. Also, he attended a fall semester at Bocconi University, Italy studying public governance, fashion & management of the public organization, finishing top of the class. His passion, knowledge, and experience have led him to enter the renewable energy sector and work towards sustainable transitions. Arnav aims to aid organizations in integrating sustainability into their core management practice.  

Arnav has worked with both private & public sector organizations in various roles. Arnav has developed an interpersonal, resourceful, problem-solving skill set from multiple positions. As a Market Intelligence Analyst Intern at GE Renewable Energy, he identified market gaps & opportunities worth multi-million dollars and built a strategic action plan to address the same. Through his Canadian Energy Project, he analyzed the implementation of the carbon tax plan on the Canadian economy and its long-term effects. Also, the project focused on determining the future of the Canadian energy mix. Also, he has volunteered for tree planting, climate change campaign awareness, and sustainable community living. Arnav takes pride in doing pro-bono consulting work to create a positive impact on society. The list includes local municipalities, government organizations, startups, and private foundations in multiple sectors such as education, energy, climate resilience, and fintech. Arnav looks forward to working in various sustainability roles that help shift towards a positive change.

Arnav is highly committed to making individual-level changes to contribute toward UN Sustainable Goals. One way Arnav tries to reduce his carbon footprint is by walking, cycling, or taking public transport where it is deemed possible. While travelling in Europe, he cycled around 64 km to raise awareness around the need to reduce individual carbon footprint. He enjoys volunteering to give back to his community by using his capabilities to raise funds to support quality education in weaker sections of society. Arnav enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, and kayaking. He is an avid traveler and a wine enthusiast. A fun hobby he picked up during the last couple of years is visiting vineyards and engaging with vintners to learn about how climate change challenges the wine-making business.

Arnav's MScSM Internship: Ontario's Ministry of Energy


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