Lauren Morante

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Bachelor of Science (Honours), Zoology • University of Guelph


Lauren graduated from the University of Guelph in 2018 where she majored in zoology. By having a heavy focus on animal biology and ecosystem sciences in her undergrad, Lauren gained a greater appreciation for the dynamic and largely connected natural systems around us. She firmly believes that everyone, from individuals all the way to government bodies, need to do their part to promote sustainability and make sustainable choices.

While completing her undergrad, Lauren had many opportunities to gain hands-on field and lab experience while executing various independent projects. These projects have allowed her to study topics like competition in freshwater fish in Ontario, species diversity in the Canadian Arctic, and the effects of ocean acidification on various aquatic invertebrates. Lauren’s work at an amusement park the past 3 summers allowed her to learn valuable skills in customer service, such as the importance of clear communication, how to problem solve quickly and discretely, and the delicate art of handling customers who may feel they are in the right when they are most certainly wrong.

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys reading, knitting, gardening, and is an avid supporter (but not participant!) of musical theatre. From a sustainability viewpoint, she is very interested in how the effects of climate change might be mitigated.

Lauren's MScSM Internship: Parks Canada

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