MScSM | Student Research and Projects

SSM1100Y  Research Paper

SSM1100Y is a core (mandatory) course intended to provide students with the opportunity to conduct independent academic research on a topic that falls within the interdisciplinary fields of the MScSM program. It is not meant to be a thesis but should adhere to principles of excellent research. Students work on a research project in their area of interest, under the supervision of a faculty member with expertise and research interests in the topic area. Through semi-regular meetings with the course instructors, and in collaboration with the students’ supervisor, students will work to identify potential research questions, apply methodological skills and research skills appropriate for addressing the research question, and conduct primary or secondary research. Finally, students write up their results in a full-length research report, and present their findings in an open forum to members of MScSM Program as well as interested members of IMI and the wider UTM community. 

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SSM1090H – Capstone Project: Sustainable Enterprise 

SSM1090H is a core (mandatory) course designed to help students develop an integrative understanding of creating and managing a sustainable enterprise. In the first part of the course, basic concepts related to integrative and systems thinking, key-features of sustainable enterprise, organizational design, and strategic management planning is discussed. In the second part, students (in a group of two or three students) work on a project related to design and management of sustainable enterprise under the supervision of course instructors. The focus of projects is on demonstrating integration, application, and innovation skills to address challenges faced by an organization with a goal of becoming a sustainable enterprise. 

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