Syeda Fatima Hasan



Bachelor of Arts, Digital Enterprise Management • University of Toronto Mississauga

Syeda was voted Vice President Internal of MScSM Student Executive Council (MSEC) for the 2020-2021 academic year. 


Syeda recently graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Digital Enterprise Management and a minor in Professional Writing and Communications; both of which fall under the Communication, Culture, Information, and Technology (CCIT) stream. Throughout her undergraduate degree, she had the opportunity to explore various emerging technologies and their role in transforming traditional enterprises into digital enterprises. She looks forward to discovering how such technologies can be managed so that they co-exist with the environment to promote sustainable growth.

Through her academic courses, Syeda had the chance to carry out various research opportunities such as, but not limited to: investigating as to why a majority of students at UTM are unaware of the full extent of services being offered on campus despite paying a fee for more than half of these services, by conducting primary and secondary research and developing a prototype of a potential solution which was then presented to the Director of the ICCIT department. During her last year of study, she had the chance to write a short thesis on the effects of airport security screening procedures on passenger satisfaction. Syeda also had the privilege of serving as a Marketing and Communications intern for Arcadis in Dubai, which is one of the leading design and consulting companies in the Middle East and is responsible for the creation of various well-known projects such as the creation of Burj Khalifa.

In her free time, Syeda can be found writing up a storm, whether it be micro-poetry, blog posts for her WordPress site, or articles to be submitted for formal publication. She hopes to one day publish her work and see it on shelves in local bookstores. She is also interested in Archery and Cricket.

Syeda's MScSM Internship: YouthfulCities


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