Rabeet Khan

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Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering • Rochester Institute of Technology


Having spent most of his life in Dubai, Rabeet has been brought up in a diverse environment of innovative progress. Life in a city with a spirit that brings together a variety of cultures and perspectives has inspired him to expand this culture of creativity, interaction, and integration to other parts of the world.

Equipped with an Energy and Environment Focus through his Bachelor's in Mech Eng from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rabeet has set out to further translate the scientific theory into practical application sustainably for the benefit of our world. His capstone project sought to harness solar energy through the use of sand as a thermal battery and ThermoElectric chips as a medium of converting thermal energy into electricity. The inspiration of the project stemmed from his belief that there are no generic solutions to any problem and we must seek to adapt and benefit from the resources that the circumstances provide.

Co-op experiences in a startup, as well as a multinational conglomerate, have exposed him to a plethora of business contexts and the operations that accompany them. Family business in Interior Design and Hotel Management are also experiences that have broadened his understanding for integrating sustainability in all aspects of our life, be it management on a daily basis or establishing long term policies.

Summers spent vacationing with his family across the world, have led Rabeet to develop an understanding for the need to allow developing countries to have an equal opportunity to establish sustainability as a foundation to their future prosperity. He aims to do so by developing sustainability strategies, encompassing the ethos of sustainability, which can be incorporated into the public and private sector. Renewable and alternate energies are also an area of interest to him.

He enjoys visual arts as well as participating in sports, be it familiar or new ones. He loves to travel and experience different cultures so that he can develop a greater understanding of our world.

Rabeet's MScSM Internship: Global Compact Network Canada


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