Aishwarya Ramchandran


Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Hons.),  Environment and Business, Minor in Economics • University of Waterloo


Aishwarya graduated from the University of Waterloo in 2019 with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (Hons.) and a minor in Economics. Exploring global environmental concerns through an interdisciplinary lens, Aishwarya developed a passion for sustainability and the drive to make a long-lasting difference in sectors with the largest impacts. With a keen interest in economics, she seeks to integrate economic concepts with environmental issues, touching on the triple bottom line, to advance a sustainable future.

With the MScSM internship, Aishwarya gained consultation experience with The Works Design Communications Ltd. She audited over 60 sustainability and integrated reports, across many sectors, to evaluate disclosures on social and environmental performance, adherence to frameworks, stakeholder engagement, materiality assessment, and the integration of financial and non-financial data. These helped her identify and present the best practices and global trends for sustainability reporting. Her findings contribute to helping companies strengthen their communication around strategies and value creation for the economy, society, and environment to a variety of stakeholders.

As part of the co-operative program Aishwarya has gained experience in the public and private sectors. Working for the Government of Canada, she applied research and analytical skills to publish reports to improve Canadian policies. At Environment and Climate Change Canada she focused on environmental compliance ensuring companies, municipalities, and households adhered to regulations. At Fisheries and Oceans Canada she focused on how economic theory and statistical methods can be utilized to identify gaps within current policies and provided recommendations to address them. While working at Linamar Corporation, she learned about strategies that ensure profit maximization. As the National Youth Network Marketing Leader at Environment Canada and a Faculty Ambassador at the University of Waterloo, Aishwarya’s volunteering positions demonstrate her enthusiasm in working with diverse groups of people to achieve common goals, something integral for sustainable development. Realizing the impact her experience has had, it solidified her interest in pursuing a career in sustainability. She chose the MScSM program to provide her with the right skills and expertise to make even more meaningful impacts by creating sustainable solutions that address today’s challenges of the planet.

Outside of the academic and professional environment, Aishwarya continues to pursue her interest in dance. Learning many different styles, she teaches, choreographs, and performs in many shows. She also loves to travel, swim, and read in her spare time.

Ash's MScSM Internship: The Works Design Communications


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