Sarvani Chirla


Bachelor of Technology, Environmental Engineering with a Minor in Sustainability and Environmental Management • Delhi Technological University


Resolute in centering her career around her passion for environmental protection and conservation, Sarvani pursued a Bachelor of Technology in Environmental Engineering from Delhi Technological University (DTU) and graduated at the top of her class in 2023. Sarvani’s interest in environmentally conscious practices was significantly fostered by being raised in Singapore, one of the world’s most sustainable cities, along with the Indian values of ‘do not waste’ and ‘use wisely’ ingrained in her upbringing. Having centered her day-to-day activities around living a sustainable and vegan lifestyle with a minimal carbon footprint, she desired to inspire and educate those around her to do the same. Sarvani realized that while individual actions matter, bringing about systemic change would be more impactful. This realization sparked her deep interest in topics such as net zero; sustainability management; environmental policy and governance; and sustainable business practices, economic growth, and finance. Sarvani’s time pursuing a bachelor’s degree provided her with exposure, helped her channel her passion into practicality, and strengthened her purpose - to combat climate change. The Sustainability and Environmental Management minor she took up at DTU had modules like ‘Environment and Sustainable Development,’ ‘Environmental Management,’ and ‘Climate Change and CDM,’ which she thoroughly enjoyed and offered a taste of what she wanted to learn more about during her postgraduate studies.

To spread awareness regarding environmental issues and advocate a sustainable lifestyle through veganism and other eco-friendly practices, Sarvani started a social media page. This account exposed her to several opportunities, like being approached by different organizations and institutions to conduct sessions (audience ranging from 30 to 4000+ people) on leading a sustainable lifestyle and was also interviewed on a Singaporean news channel Mediacorp Suria. Sarvani also volunteered at Svadhyaya Youth Organization as the Project Coordinator for Project Planet Heroes, where one of her most cherished projects was being the lead for the Peer Mentorship Program, a program comprising a three-month sustainability course curated to help applicants lead a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, which directly impacted more than 300 individuals to date. The feedback for the program was gratifying, with people mentioning that they incorporated several changes to their lifestyle, including cutting down on single-use plastic, eating more plant-based, and being mindful consumers.

Through these experiences, Sarvani realized her goal of playing a significant role in catalyzing the transition to a zero-carbon economic model. She aims to integrate climate change measures into various aspects of strategizing, planning, and helping businesses establish sustainable practices.