Carlyle Apps


Bachelor of Science (Honours) • Biology • Western University 


Carlyle Apps graduated Western University with a Bachelor of Science. She gained an honours specialization in Biology, and completed her final semester abroad in New Zealand. Studying biology allowed her to study in a wide range of fields, but gravitated to environmental studies and ecology. Through her studies, she was aable to get involved in local conservation projects and was a member of the Western Wildlife Conservation Society.

When Carlyle is not in school, she is living near Peterborough Ontario where her mother started an agritourism and special events business called South Pond Farms. Carlyle has been heavily involved in many areas of the business. Working closely with her mother and learning how to develop and grow the business led to an interest in the analytical side. She pursued this interest by enrolling in an introductory business course. She became the business bookkeeper and began implementing new systems and marketing strategies. Throughout her degree, her passion for the environment began to shape the way she contributed to the business. She began to take an interest in land use, waste management and restoration. She led a project to restore a garden to native species and took up beekeeping. She became involved in decision making for property land use and practices.

Carlyle is passionate about the environment and pursuing a career in improving the way we interact with our surroundings. She has interest in both local and global sustainability with an attention to agriculture and resource use. In her spare time, Carlyle enjoys camping, travelling and spending time with friends and family. 

Carlyle's MScSM Internship: UN Global Compact


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