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ACCA Affiliate & Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Accounting and Finance • Middlesex University


Rini grew up in Dubai, where she completed her undergraduate studies in the fields of business, accounting, and finance. Her keen interest in these fields drove her to pursue them further through the ACCA chartered accountancy qualification. The integrated nature of her studies afforded her ample opportunity to pore over themes such as environmental accounting, sustainability reporting, and green finance, and study corporate sustainability agendas from multiple angles. As such, her academic experience has impressed upon her the vital role of businesses in driving the sustainability movement.

In addition to academic influences, Rini’s interest in sustainability is also strongly fueled by her personal experiences. Apart from Dubai, Rini spends considerable time in India, from where she originally hails. Back home, she belongs to an agrarian community in the south, and most of her vacations growing up were spent with a large family of agricultural enthusiasts. Every summer is an opportunity to learn with her family on their organic vegetable gardens and farms, experiencing first-hand traditional farming practices, which have been practiced through generations and are intrinsically sustainable. She has, thus, developed an appreciation for sustainable land usage systems and is able to see value in community-centered farming practices as a means to inspire change.

She also spends time travelling and meeting people from different communities across India and the multicultural Middle East, as a means to explore and understand eastern cultural systems and spiritual practices deeply. This, she believes, helps deepen her commitment to sustainability. In her experience, she has found that time-honored cultural and spiritual systems motivate sustainable behavior and have much to offer to sustainability discussions. In particular, Rini is inspired by the practice of Bhakti Yoga, a spiritual path originating in India. Bhakti Yoga emphasizes sustainable behavior as the natural result of inner harmony arising from self-realization. Through the years, Rini has found this wisdom to ring especially true for her – the more she works on addressing the ecology of her internal self, the more inspired she feels to rethink her external actions to become more harmonious with the ecology around her. As such, she is constantly experimenting and striving to implement diverse means to sustainable living, such as minimalism and waste-free living.

Rini is hopeful that pursuing the MScSM program will help her take her commitment further by enabling her to leverage her career for a positive impact. Her desire is to work with institutions that understand their influence in society and are conscientious in fulfilling their responsibility towards it. In the long run, she hopes to act as an intermediary for underrepresented groups of stakeholders in the sustainability movement including women, youth, local and indigenous communities, and spiritual groups.  

Rini's MScSM Internship: Global Compact Network Canada 

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