Weiyu (Sophia) Shi



Bachelor of Applied Science • Dalhousie University


Weiyu obtained her bachelor’s degree, a double major in Environmental Science and Environment, Society, and Sustainability from Dalhousie University in June 2022. Through her studies at the College of Sustainability at Dalhousie, Weiyu developed a keen interest in sustainability; Furthermore, she believes proper management of our environmental, economic, and social resources is crucial to help businesses and societies adapt and sustain in the long future. In her fourth year, Weiyu chose to join the capstone team to help the St. Margaret's Bay Stewardship Association (SMBSA) to draft their Micou’s Island Stewardship Management Plan for the next ten years. The project maintains the integrity of the initial plan whilst also re-contextualizing current and future best practices. The final stewardship plan was presented and submitted to the client from the SMBSA. In the same year, Weiyu published her honors thesis named Ecotourism as A Climate Adaption Tool: Perspectives from Local Tourism Stakeholders in Lunenburg. As part of her research, Weiyu interviewed 14 tourism stakeholders from Lunenburg to explore: 1) their understanding of the concept of ecotourism; 2) do they consider ecotourism as an adaptation strategy for the sector to adapt to future changes; 3) any barriers they perceive to implement ecotourism in the sector. Weiyu then presented her research results to the honors thesis class within 20 minutes with a carefully designed research poster.

After graduation, Weiyu worked as an environmental consultant & landscape architectural associate in her hometown. The role gave her the opportunity to transform her previous knowledge and experience into practice. Such as writing environmental impact assessment for the "State enterprise invested project feasibility study report"; distinguishing green characteristics of public spaces and buildings for ongoing projects plus applying her knowledge of community design to vest-pocket park designs. She shortly realized the finance sector plays a vital role in navigating the pathway for sustainable development across sectors, alongside her attention to ESG/sustainability job markets. She then studied for the ESG investing test offered by the CFA Institute and earned the certificate in May 2023. 

In her spare time, Weiyu enjoys spending time outdoors and doing outdoor activities with friends like hiking, skiing, kayaking, etc. She is also a big fan of various kinds of art shows, including but not limited to interactive art exhibitions and dance dramas. She has been a member of the dance group of the Chinese Culture & Art Club of Nova Scotia and participated in several dance performances across the province.