Carlos Andrés Vinueza

Andres LI

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering Pontificia Universidad Javeriana


Born in Colombia, Carlos Andrés and his 3 siblings (Diana, Gina and Juan Carlos), grew up in a tight knit family who always put a high priority on education. 

Both Carlos Andres’ parents were working professionals and re-enforced a culture of hard work, discipline and loyalty at home. Carlos Andrés’ father’s work as a successful industrial engineer inspired his son to follow in his footsteps and in 2014, Carlos Andrés graduate from Pontifical Xavierian University (La ficia Universidad JaverianaJaveriana)  Carlos Andrés then went on to work as an industrial engineer in Colombia for over 6 year, specializing in human resources and process optimization.

Every year, Carlos Andrés and his siblings would spend their summer working on their grandfathers’ farm. Here, through his grandfather and his workers, Carlos Andrés learned the values of teamwork, commitment, generosity as well as  the appreciation of nature. These summers were crucial in the forming of Carlos Andrés’ own core values as well as his love for his community and nature. 

The preservation of his grandfather’s lands and the surrounding small communities is what brought Carlos Andrés to MScSM program today. 

Carlos Andrés is seeking to develop his skillset in sustainability, business and social responsibility so that he can eventually return to his hometown of Pasto and become a sustainable business leader and positive change maker.

Carlos Andrés looks to make the world a better place for his sister’s children (Valentina, Catalina and Andres Felipe) as well as his own future children and grandchildren. 

In his free time, Andres is an avid football player and outdoorsman. 

Carlos' MScSM Internship: Pro Mujer


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