Mallory Furlong


Honours Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science & Environmental Studies • University of Toronto 


Mallory graduated from the University of Toronto in 2023 with an Honours Bachelor of Science. She studied a double major in Environmental Science and Environmental Studies, with a minor in Geoscience and a Certificate in Sustainability. She is passionate about environmental education, eco-anxiety, and personal sustainability.

Growing up, Mallory didn’t have much of an environmental education. She was drawn to the environmental field when she took ENV100: Introduction to Environmental Studies with Professor Simon Appolloni in her first year at the University of Toronto. This experience encouraged her to pursue environmental education as a possible career.

In the summer of 2020, she had her first experience with curriculum development when she completed an internship at FLUSH LLC. During this internship, she developed 6 classes for children ages 3-17 to learn about sanitation, health, and climate change. From there, she created her own Instagram community, @EverythingENV, where she started making infographics on environmental topics.

More recently, Mallory has conducted research with Professor Simon Appolloni to further understand how students experience eco-anxiety. This research inspired her to create Climate Crisis Café; a discussion-based workshop that allows students to talk openly about their eco-anxiety. Mallory hopes to continue hosting these workshops in the future.

This past summer, Mallory hosted a workshop with Climate Camp 2023, an event hosted on campus. She taught a workshop on eco-anxiety and wellbeing to a group of students, ages 8-12. She also pursued a job at Little Angels Infant & Toddler Center, where she taught elementary students about sustainable practices, nature, and gratitude. Through this position she also guided the business to create and meet their own sustainability goals. Mallory hopes to pursue more consultant work like this in the future.

In her spare time, Mallory enjoys rollerblading, going for walks with her dog, and drinking tea. She is currently working on her first children’s book, which she is both writing and illustrating, and hopes to publish it in the years to come.