Samir Khonji

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Bachelor of Science (Hons), Physics • University of Bristol


Samir is half Bahraini and half English. Born and raised in Bahrain, he moved to the UK to study a physics degree at the University of Bristol. After graduating in 2016, he stayed in the UK and worked as a Physics Educational Writer before moving to Toronto for his master’s degree. Samir is a recipient of the prestigious Crown Prince’s International Scholarship, which is awarded to the top ten most able students in Bahrain each year based on a variety of assessments to gauge their academic and leadership potential – in the hope that they will help contribute to Bahrain’s development at a national and global level. The scholarship covers all expenses for undergraduate and postgraduate study.

Samir developed an intellectual curiosity in sustainability through studying a module in environmental physics at university. He became interested in renewable energy systems, particularly solar power, through an internship with The Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), which was the company that implemented Bahrain’s first large-scale solar photovoltaic project.

In his spare time, Samir likes to travel, read, exercise and meditate. Samir’s ambition is to make a significant contribution to tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues during his career in sustainability.

Samir's MScSM Internship: Bullfrog Power


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