Nelsen Elsholtz


Bachelor of Management • University of British Columbia


Nelsen graduated from UBC with a B. Mgt. degree, concentrating in Marketing Communications and International Business. Through his studies and work experience in a variety of fields, from student mentorship to campus residence project development, he has gained a strong foundation in business administration and relationship management.  Some of his favorite experiences in his undergraduate program include leading a UBC student team working with high school students in a co-operative enterprise project based on the “People, Planet, Profit” business model. In the summer before his final year, Nelsen volunteered with the non-profit Worldwide Friends in Iceland, where he studied the environmental and economic challenges of various communities across the island and assisted locals in an environmental restoration project.  Through these experiences, he developed a deeper understanding of cultural differences and a passion for sustainable business.

Between graduation and entering the MScSM Program, Nelsen took time to reflect on his experiences while researching work and study opportunities with environmentally and socially responsible companies.  Motivated to make a positive contribution, his interest in the global food system and its connection to climate change led him to Just Vertical. The cofounders of this hydroponic vertical farming company are alumni of the MScSM Program, providing a valuable learning environment for Nelsen’s marketing intern role that began in January 2019. Soon he was responsible for managing the Content Marketing strategy, later completing an online SEO Specialization with UC Davis and contributing to SEO Analysis, Web Development, and Strategic Partnerships. Through his role with Just Vertical over the past 8 months, Nelsen has successfully grown the company’s social following and helped to increase sales.  During the same period, he has also led the executive board of the Toronto Visionary Toastmasters Club as VP Public Relations and completed the Presentation Mastery Program. 

In his free time, Nelsen is a musician and artist, running his own recording studio from home. He enjoys all genres of music, especially hip hop, playing piano and guitar, singing and songwriting. He also enjoys reading books and news for learning and inspiration, team sports, hiking off the beaten path, and traveling to new locations world-wide.

Nelsen's MScSM Internship: YouthfulCities


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