Martina Filipic

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Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Environmental Management • University of Toronto Mississauga


Martina is a UTM native. After completing her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in both Economics and Environmental Management, she knew she wanted to edge into the world of business and market trends through the lens of environmental responsibility. Her undergrad started in the world of commerce and she was quickly steered towards environmental studies. She realized at an internship at the Toronto Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council that green building development, community planning, and brownfield revitalization was something she wanted to pursue.

Halfway through her time in MScSM, Martina completed an internship at the Recycling Council of Ontario working with a lightbulb takeback program designed to support circular procurement and keep mercury out of landfills. Take Back the Light gave her an enjoyable glimpse into the non-profit world, but she is still aiming to make a career for herself in the world of land development and sustainable neighbourhood planning.

Martina's MScSM Internship: Recycling Council of Ontario


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