Kevin Fry


Bachelor of Arts, International Relations Global Business • University of Southern California


Kevin graduated from the University of Southern California studying international relations global business, with a minor in environmental studies. At USC, he explored the politics of international climate negotiations, while analyzing real-world foreign policy on a variety of economic and environmental issues. During a policy research trip to the Arctic Circle, Kevin experienced firsthand the drastic impacts of climate change and turned his attention towards decarbonization. The following year he studied in Washington DC, balancing a full-time internship at The Atlantic Council with a course load focused on American politics, where he honed his interests towards the expansive regulatory challenges of the energy transition.

As Climate and Advanced Energy Intern at the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, Kevin took on an array of responsibilities, working in close liaison with congressional staffers on climate outreach and developing comprehensive marketing strategies for forums like Chicago’s 2019 Veterans Advanced Energy Summit. Most critically, DC brought with it the opportunity to explore unexpected interests. Projects on critical mineral supply chains, Blockchain integration within energy transfers, national security threat assessments, and carbon pricing bill analysis provided him with a diverse knowledge base.

Stemming from his research in the Arctic Circle, Kevin is especially interested in Arctic energy policy. Following interviews with experts across academic, government, and private sectors, it was clear to him that as climate change worsens, the region will soon become a hotbed of deep-sea oil expeditions, rapidly changing ecosystems, and security risks. Wanting to address the root of these issues, he applied to the MScSM program, hoping to further understand how public and private innovation can curb emissions to decarbonize the economy.

At the core of his sustainability interests is Kevin’s love of the outdoors. In college, he was a wilderness guide, leading rock climbing, backpacking, and canoeing adventures across the American Southwest. Within Canada, he hopes to surf its greatest lakes, climb its tallest mountains, and photograph as much of its natural beauty as he can.

Kevin's MScSM Internship: The UN Global Compact Network Canada

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