Sara Patel


Bachelor of Science, Dual Major in Forensic Science & Biology for Health Science, Minor in Environmental Science • University of Toronto Mississauga


Sara graduated from the University of Toronto in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science. Her academic journey initially steered towards a specialization in Forensic Biology due to her profound interest in biological sciences. However, seeking a broader perspective, Sara opted for a dual major in Forensic Science and Biology for Health Science, accompanied by a minor in Environmental Science.

During her senior year, Sara assumed the role of project manager for ENV496 (Restoration Ecology). Her responsibilities included producing accessible deliverables for the Credit Valley Conservation Authority Watershed Project Team, aimed at enhancing community engagement in sustainable practices. This experience ignited Sara's passion for sustainability.

Throughout her undergraduate years, Sara concurrently managed part-time positions, demonstrating remarkable adaptability in the face of adversity. She serves as a part-time team leader at The Body Shop, focusing on team development and training. Her tenure at The Body Shop allowed her to refine her leadership skills, educate her colleagues on social issues in the cosmetics industry, and contribute to a brand dedicated to sustainability.

In her leisure time, Sara channels her creativity into illustrations and graphic designs for her small sticker business, Fragaria Designs. While Fragaria Designs has made incredible progress in adopting sustainable packaging and products, Sara aspires to further integrate sustainability values into both her business and daily life.