Sara Patel


Bachelor of Science, Dual Major in Forensic Science & Biology for Health Science, Minor in Environmental Science • University of Toronto Mississauga


Sara graduated from the University of Toronto in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science. During her undergraduate years, Sara was initially invested in pursuing a Forensic Biology Specialist due to her keen interest in biological sciences. However, in order to expand her horizons Sara ultimately decided a dual Major in Forensic Science, Biology for Health Science, and Minor in Environmental Science was the best fit for her as this combination provided her with an interdisciplinary academic background. During her final year, Sara worked as a project manager for ENV496 (Restoration Ecology) and was responsible for the creation of accessible deliverables for the Credit Valley Conservation Authority Watershed Project Team for the purposes of increasing engagement efforts at a community level. Through her role as a project manager, Sara’s passion for sustainability and community engagement in sustainable practices grew tenfold, ultimately fueling her desire to pursue a career in sustainability management.

Sara spent her undergraduate career working part-time jobs across the GTA. Whether her place of work was at a chain restaurant, warehouse, local gluten free bakery or at a cosmetic retailer, Sara showcased a high degree of resiliency when faced with change, challenges and uncertainty. Currently, Sara is working as a part-time team leader at The Body Shop, where she is heavily involved in team development, and the production of training modules on exclusive and newly launched merchandise. Through her time at The Body Shop, Sara was able to gain valuable experience managing a diverse team, training her colleagues on prominent social issues within the cosmetic world, and supporting a retailer that promotes environmentalism, sustainability and cruelty free cosmetics.

In her spare time, Sara enjoys creating illustrations and graphic designs for her small sticker business Fragaria Designs, experimenting in the kitchen, and playing competitively ranked video games with her friends. While substantial progress has been made to create sustainable packaging and products for Fragaria Designs, Sara hopes to continue to instill the values of sustainable practices into her business and her everyday life.