Tiara Mullick



Bachelor of Science (Honours), Environmental Science • University of Toronto


Tiara graduated with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree, a major in Environmental Science and a double minor in Media Studies and Classical Studies, from the University of Toronto. Tiara's background from her undergraduate studies has driven her interest in addressing problems that affect the planet's future generations in terms of food insecurity, climate change, and poverty. She hopes to enact change and develop solutions for these complex problems to foster a sustainable planet through an interdisciplinary approach, offered by the MScSM Program.

Growing up and living in Delhi, Singapore, and Canada, Tiara understands that capitalism and sustainability are not compatible. The one constant she noticed is that capitalism only values production and profit at the expense of people, resources, and the environment. She firmly believes that sustainability issues are a product of capitalism. Therefore, Tiara was drawn to specialize in an area of study that can have a meaningful impact on society by disrupting the capitalist system.

Throughout her undergraduate years, Tiara has learned valuable analytical and interpersonal skills from her professional and academic experiences. Her recent summers consisted of working as a Marketing and Outreach Specialist at the Center for Education and Training and an Inventory Clerk at VWR, Part of Avantor. She was also a volunteer at UTSC's Parks Canada Club. These experiences kick-started her professional growth while providing her with the necessary skills to market, coach clients, and create promotional material. It has allowed her to learn various software programs, such as SAP and QSS, to be an active team player, communicator, and develop herself professionally.

Tiara recognizes that sustainability is an all-encompassing field of study that requires an interdisciplinary approach. Her academic experience has given her the opportunity to learn a set of transferable skills and knowledge. Courses from both the arts and sciences have allowed her to analyze, synthesize, and critically engage with academic material from an interdisciplinary lens. Environment-based courses provided Tiara with the necessary tools to analyze spatial data by utilizing software like Excel, GIS, and Google Earth Pro. Courses in classical and historical studies have allowed her to develop critical writing skills and the knowledge to assess academic material. Additionally, Tiara's professional and academic experience with media studies has helped her realize the power of media in understanding and interpreting the world. She hopes to use media as a tool to depict compelling narratives of sustainability.

In her spare time, Tiara is enthusiastic about learning about different fields of study, culture, history, and socioeconomic issues by watching documentaries, visiting museums, and reading articles. Outside of her academic and professional life, she enjoys painting, cosmetology, makeup, and artistry. She has a knack for trying different activities such as paddle boating and kayaking. Tiara is also passionate about mental health issues. She is a strong advocate for reducing the stigma around mental health in society and improving access to mental health resources.


Tiara's MScSM Internship: Canada Post


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Tiara's Research Poster

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