Spencer Karabelas-Pittman

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Honours Bachelor of Science, Physical Geography and Environmental Resources Management • University of Toronto Mississauga 


Spencer is a dedicated, insightful, results-driven student of sustainability who believes that the diversity of challenges faced by humanity can only be matched by our passion for innovation. Spencer is a student at the University of Toronto Mississauga, and a long-time resident of the Oakville/Mississauga area. Spencer started his academic career in business management, before transitioning into environmental science. He hopes to use his environmental knowledge and business acumen to bridge the divide between environmental, economic, and social needs, towards building an inclusive sustainable future for all.

Spencer recently finished a summer position with Parks Canada at Riding Mountain National park in Manitoba. Spencer worked as a Resources Conservation Student during Canada’s 150-year celebration that brought a 40% increase of traffic into the national park. He worked to collaboratively provided assistance in ongoing research and restoration initiatives undertaken by Parks Canada scientists, and associated graduate researchers. Some projects undertaken included: water quality monitoring and analysis, invasive species identification and management, species at risk monitoring and recovery, assistance in environmental impact assessment undertakings, and ecosystem quality quantification and restoration. Spencer also used his time in the pristine wilderness within one of Canada’s top 3 voted national parks to develop his wilderness skills, and to gain a deeper insight and passion for the interconnections between humans and the environment.

Spencer has also worked previously with Community Environment Alliance, a not for profit organization focused on developing inclusive sustainable initiatives within the Greater Toronto Area. Spencer was the Research and Program Coordinator for the Zero Food Waste campaign; an initiative being developed with the focus on educating communities to reduce wasted food in their homes. Spencer researched data on food waste from a diversity of scholarly and organizational sources, coordinated development of a food waste reduction educational campaign, and worked with the Social Coordinator to incorporate knowledge of food waste into marketing materials.

Spencer has many interests in global sustainability. For example, he aspires to drive innovation in the value chain of food, in order to reduce the amount of wasted food, subsequent greenhouse gas emissions, and inequality of food security. He also aspires to drive changes in the valuation of environmental assets, in order to eliminate the hidden cost of environmental damages in resources exploitation.

Spencer's MScSM Internship: McCain Foods


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