Helena Teng


Bachelor’s of Health Sciences (Honours), Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability • McMaster University


Helena graduated from McMaster University, Canada with a Bachelor’s of Health Sciences (Honours) and an Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability. Throughout her undergraduate career, she learned about the various facets of the healthcare system, notably the social determinants of health. As she continued her learning, she realized the undeniable intersections between sustainability and health.

Helena has had a variety of experiences working in sustainability, from research to program development. She conducted qualitative research with local Hamilton non-profits on cycling and sustainability leaders on the barriers of women in sustainability. Through experiential learning projects, Helena worked with different industries. She collaborated with the strategic procurement department to develop the sustainability procurement program at her university, which includes updates to the RFPs, an evaluation guide, and a website. She also collaborated with a local hospital to imagine what environmental sustainability could look like, including a sustainability lounge. At her university, Helena worked to promote sustainability on campus through coordinating community projects, organizing campus-wide events, and communicating sustainability knowledge on social media. She looks forward to using the skills she’s gained from these experiences to tackle projects at different corporations.

In her free time, Helena thoroughly enjoys all that nature has to offer. She tries to spend as much time as possible outdoors by being active, traveling to new destinations, and trying new activities.  Snowboarding since she was 10 years old, she has been planning to snowboard in Europe and Asia. She’s also interested in finding new ways to be sustainable in her own life.