Ximena Guzman




Bachelor of Business Management • University of Costa Rica


Ximena is a Costa Rican who in 2019 decided to jump into the sustainability arena and transition from her financial background. Her interest in sustainability emerged from the pressing call to action from countless environmental documentaries, National Geographic magazine articles and firsthand experiences such as watching coral bleaching and plastic-filled beaches in her country. Having grown surrounded by luscious green jungles, rich seas and clean air, Ximena believes in keeping these ecosystems intact for future generations.

A believer that small changes lead to meaningful transformations, Ximena expects the MScSM program will help her develop a decision-making framework that helps businesses drive informed decisions based on environmental, economic and socially friendly factors. Additionally, she hopes her professional experience and understanding of finance will be key in helping her justify sustainable actions as investments rather than costs. She also hopes her future career in sustainability will help educate consumers to use their purchasing power in order to drive more conscious choices.  

Ximena graduated with Honors in 2014 from the University of Costa Rica with a Business Management degree and has since worked as a financial analyst in real estate development and equity research. On one hand, these jobs equipped her with technical skills such as financial modeling, forecasting cash requirements, annual budgeting, securing loans and creating data bases while also nurturing soft skills such as effective communication, critical thinking and cross-departmental collaboration.

In her spare time, Ximena enjoys traveling, landscape and wildlife photography, scuba diving, reading, experimenting with make-up, trying out new food and cuddling with her dogs. She is very much looking forward to experiencing Canada’s beautiful scenery.


Ximena's MScSM Internship: Cosmetica


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Ximena's Research Poster

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