Christophe Hage

Chris Li

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health, Minor in Public Health • American University of Beirut


Born and raised in Lebanon, Christophe developed a sense of duty towards aiding communities and assisting refugees. Pursuing his studies in Environmental Health allowed him to better understand the relationship between societies and their environment and its relevance in the humanitarian sector.

For the past three years, Christophe has been working with international NGOs and UN agencies to implement development projects for refugees in Lebanon as well as the host community. He had the opportunity to work on the field promoting equity and resilience by implementing emergency response and social development projects. He then attended workshops on humanitarian principles, gender equity in project development and monitoring and evaluation tools. This allowed Christophe to work as a Monitoring and Evaluation officer where he realised the degree to which social, economic, and environmental constructs limit development projects. Ultimately, these experiences are what led him to the MScSM program.

Complimentary to his professional career, Christophe is an activist who participated in several charity events and helped organize fundraisings, public awareness sessions and youth empowering programs while promoting animal rights.

Outside the professional setting, Christophe is a singer, musician and dancer. He enjoys camping, travelling, cooking and performing flow arts such as juggling and poi. His goals are to promote global development and reinforce the connection between communities with their environment.

Chris's MScSM Internship: Insitute for University Cooperation

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