Diana Wei Dai


Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Environmental Management, Art & Art History • University of Toronto


Diana recently graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in
Environmental Management and Art and Art history. She also gained a Fine Art Diploma at
Sheridan College. By completing a year exchange in Glasgow, Scotland, and two study
abroad programs in Italy and the Czech Republic, she gained a lot of international
experience. She believes these experiences have enriched and amazingly transformed her
life. She is interested in how culture plays a role in sustainability and sustainable fashion as
well as relationships between mental health, natural medicine, and sustainability.

Growing up in a small town in Inner Mongolia, Diana understands the importance of culture
and community. When she first embarked on the journey of becoming a university student in
Canada, Diana took the initiative to engage herself with the local community. During her time
in High school, Diana worked with Kiss4CANFAR as a campaign leader and ran a
two-week-long fundraising campaign. Coming to Canada as an international student, she
thinks it is essential to be proactive in being a part of society. One of her most proud
achievements is co-founding the Zero Waste UTM student club with four friends who share
her passion for zero waste lifestyle. The club aims to encourage and engage university
students to be connected to their community and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Not only in
her personal life, zero waste plays a big part, but it also led her to volunteer with the bare
market, a package-free lifestyle pop-up shop for the past year and a half to support the
growing entrepreneurship. During the final year of her Bachelors, she started working for an
NGO Apathy is Boring’s program RISE as a city ambassador. They worked on exploring
environmental injustice in Toronto by hosting an art co-creation event and an art exhibition. It
helped inform the audience about how climate change is impacting Toronto. She is now
continuing to work with AisB in their VOTE program and moving on to the next step with
AisB as a RISE cohort mentor.

In her personal life, Diana started to live a low waste lifestyle in 2015 when she discovered
the zero waste movement. This is also a critical moment that sparked her passion for
sustainability and environmental issues. She also thinks environmental issues interconnect
to all human well-being issues. Learning about different cultures is what she most cherishes
about having lived in multiple countries. She believes differences are what makes the world
the beautiful place it is. She is passionate about mindfulness and mental health, outdoors,
traveling, dancing, rock climbing, and hiking. She is a yogi, a music lover, and a minimalist.
Making art is a way for her to make connections with art and sustainability. She believes that
art is a language everyone speaks; it allows communication without fancy words or data and
can be a tool to achieve a different level of connection.

Diana's MScSM Internship: The Toronto Fashion Incubator


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