Anushuwa Banerjee

Anushuwa Banerjee

Bachelor of Engineering, Chemical Engineering • Mumbai University


Anushuwa graduated from the Mumbai University, India, in 2020 with a Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering. Growing up in an industrial town called Rasayani which translates to chemical in the local language, Anushuwa witnessed up-close the impact of chemical industries on economy, environment, and the communities inhabiting the area. While she was intrigued by the reactor vessels and fire drill sirens, her mind was drawn towards the frequent smell of gas leaks in the air and municipality notices about occasional spillage in the nearby river. This ignited an interest in her mind about negative impact of industries on environment. By majoring in chemical engineering for under graduation, she gained an insight into the functioning of chemical industries and the complexities involved in different manufacturing operations. Anushuwa enjoyed studying for her final year course elective-Environmental Management. The course helped in broadening her understanding of environmental parameters, including a general overview of major environment-specific legislations applicable in India. As she developed a deeper understanding of the chemical manufacturing operations through her undergraduate course curriculum, she realized that Indian manufacturing industries are in dire need of transforming their operating processes in line with current sustainability trends. Anushuwa recognized that working in the flaring domain of sustainability would help connect her inquisitiveness for the environment with the technical knowledge acquired in under graduation.

Upon graduation, Anushuwa worked as an Analyst in Climate Change and Sustainable Services Department of KPMG India. The steep learning experience of transitioning from a fresh graduate to a sustainability professional augmented her knowledgebase and enabled her to develop a skill set, specific to the scope of work for different domains of sustainability. The continual learning process paired with the real-time application of under-grad subjects not only helped her to recognize the current ESG performance of clients but also identify the gaps and strategize their performance improvement plan. The experience of working with C-Suite personnel of top Indian Companies ranging from Pharma, Agrochemical and FMCG sector, has given Anushuwa, a deep insight into the changing industrial outlook towards sustainability. This has further cemented her desire to continue expanding her knowledgebase and skill set to meet the ever-evolving scope of work in the sustainability domain.

A large part of Anushuwa’s time at university was spent volunteering for social and environmental upliftment of rural areas located in the vicinity of Mumbai. As part of the volunteering experience, she spent two weeks staying at a rural area, contributing towards the construction of a temporary dam, and creating awareness about education and health among the residents. Her volunteering experience for beach clean drive projects, made Anushuwa realize the impact climate change and ocean pollution on marine life.  She hopes to continue volunteering for impactful initiatives and assimilate her practical experience with an overarching knowledge of climate-change and sustainability.

Anushuwa enjoys being outdoors. She loves hiking and camping. She enjoys cooking and exploring different cuisines. As a nature-lover and an adventurer, she wishes to complete the 2041 Antarctic expedition in the future.

Anushuwa's MScSM Internship: Cogeco


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