Nicole Chafe




Bachelor of Arts (Honours), Double Major in Environmental Management and Human Geography • University of Toronto 


Nicole completed her Bachelor of Arts with honours at the University of Toronto, with a double major in Environmental Management and Human Geography. Throughout her undergraduate, her passion always aligned with sustainability and climate change mitigation strategies, with a focus on small-scale development. She also enjoyed courses within the field of Women and Gender studies and Indigenous studies, with a particular interest in how these fields align with environmental protection and environmental ethics.

Within her undergraduate degree, Nicole completed an 8 month internship with the City of Mississauga as a Climate Change Intern, where her skills and knowledge on climate change and sustainability were sharpened in a professional setting. Responsibilities included extensive research and reporting on the applicability of new climate change technologies to the city, which includes assisting in the development of an IPCC report and several other presentations on how to make sustainability approachable by the general public. Since December of 2019, Nicole has worked as a Teacher’s Assistant for the University of Toronto. This includes courses on Natural Hazards, Economic Geography, and Spatial Data Science. As a Teacher’s Assistant, her ultimate goal was to provide guidance on improving the research and writing skills of undergraduate students. Throughout her undergrad, Nicole also kept many part-time jobs, including serving at various restaurants and being a team member at Indigo Chapters.

In her spare time, Nicole loves to read and express herself through creative writing. She is often found in vintage music shops, as well as participating in outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking. When she can, she loves to visit her family in Newfoundland, travel to new countries, and try locally-owned restaurants in Toronto. Her main interest is to further her education in Sustainability Management, and continue her passion for Climate Change and the Environment through municipal policy development.


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