Morgan Turpin

Morgan Linkedin

Bachelor of Arts in Law, Minor in Environmental Studies • Carleton University


Morgan grew up in Ottawa graduating from Carleton University. There, studying legal and environmental studies, she developed an awareness and subsequent strong interest in sustainability. Through her chosen academic areas of study and personal time spent on these issues she has developed a ranging knowledge and interest in issues facing the environment, social justice, human rights, and issues of inequalities on many fronts and scales. Her interest in sustainability issues has also arisen out of a personal motivation to spend her time and efforts making our human activities more harmonious to the environment, and respecting the intrinsic value it holds.

Morgan has had experience as a volunteer researcher with the Good On You app, providing consumers with information on the ethical standards of clothing brands. Through this, she is strongly up to date on the current gap between consumer expectations of ethical business practices and practices businesses currently conduct themselves in.

Her future career goals lie within corporate social responsibility, specifically within supply chain transparency and management. My perception of social responsibility is that of practices that are in line with both environmentally sustainable methods, and international standards of labour and human rights.

Morgan's MScSM Internship: The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada 

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