Nicholas Tsui

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Bachelor of Science (Honours), Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, Minor in Enviornmental Sciences • McMaster University


Nicholas Tsui is a recent graduate of McMaster University studying Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour and Environmental Sciences. Through his undergraduate degree, Nicholas came to recognize the importance of interdisciplinary education. He seeks to integrate his prior knowledge in psychology and behavioural ecology with management strategies to implement innovative solutions to tackle challenging problems within sustainability.

During his research period, Nicholas caught specimen in areas with low and high levels of contamination across Hamilton harbor to study the population dynamics of an established invasive fish. Through his research, he witnessed the irreversible damage done by unsustainable choices such as mutated morphology in wildlife, inhabitable waters, and the lack of public awareness on such issues. To minimize future escalation of such issues, Nicholas aspires to use his MScSM degree to increase public awareness about sustainability, improve civilian and wildlife wellbeing, and utilize sustainable management to help businesses profit.            

In his spare time, Nicholas loves to cook, explore the city for local food hotspots, go for a workout, or surf the web for great deals. 

Nicholas's MScSM Internship: Canadian Plastics Industry Association 

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