Purav Patel


Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, Bachelor of Arts in Economics (with Distinction) • University of Calgary


Purav graduated from the University of Calgary, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. His academic path was driven by his desire to cultivate a more holistic understanding of the major systems around him, especially those related to the human body, ecosystems, and markets. In the later years of his program, Purav had the opportunity to take related courses where he could apply his social and natural science background, such as resource economics, conservation biology, and public policy, sparking curiosity towards sustainability. Purav's concerns about the future continued to grow, and he started noticing that virtually every problem seen in society can be traced back to a lack of sustainability. Profound experiences in the Rocky Mountains during pandemic-induced social isolation culminated in Purav finding his purpose. The result was a relentless drive to help create a more sustainable world by being mindful of his lifestyle and building an impactful career in sustainability management. Through the MScSM program, Purav hopes to channel that energy in a meaningful way by leveraging his broad background as a foundation to build highly specialized and productive skills in to help create a more sustainable world.

During his undergraduate program, Purav had the privilege of studying abroad in Japan. Reflecting on those experiences in the context of sustainability played a significant role in shaping his current interests. His time in Tokyo provided him with another lens to view the world, fueling his desire to understand the impact of intersectionality on sustainable beliefs and outcomes. Combined with his experiences in coaching and teaching youth, he seeks to use this understanding to support diverse communities in becoming more sustainable through the sharing of knowledge and lived experiences. Purav also completed a 16-month internship with TC Energy, serving as his team's first-ever co-op student. The undefined nature of the role gave Purav the freedom to build a wide range of skills in program management, project management, and quality assurance. This experience expanded his interests to encompass how corporate strategy and regulation modulate the three pillars of sustainability, particularly in the energy industry. Recently, Purav has further developed his interests by exploring the relationship between sustainability and the sectors of finance and technology, as he finds their potential to drive positive impact exciting.

In his free time, Purav loves to stay active by spending weekends in the Rocky Mountains camping, hiking, or snowboarding. He also enjoys learning new sports, currently playing ice hockey, golf, volleyball, and tennis as much as he can. Purav expresses his creativity through music and cooking, and he likes to wind down the day by reading non-fiction books or listening to his favorite podcasts.