Vladyslav Verminskyi

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Bachelor of Science, Physics • University of Leicester, UK.


Vladyslav comes from Ukraine and his main interests are environmental and economic sustainability, and behavioural psychology. Being a friendly individual and an enthusiastic team player, he aims to utilize teams’ strengths to achieve common goals effectively.

Vladyslav’s work experience includes technical assembling of charging stations for electric vehicles (EV’s) at a Swiss start-up Green Motion. The company was an exciting opportunity to study the EV market and to practice installing several stations for public charging. At another placement in the Space Research Centre in Leicester, Vladyslav investigated the fertilization of plankton by iron dust deposition from the air. This research involved scrupulous data analysis and testing a hypothesis, and revealed potential relationships with further research opportunities. Furthermore, Vladyslav created a start-up plan of a 3D printing platform at a Lean Launchpad program at the University of Leicester, where he collaborated with a team to define the service connecting consumers and producers of 3D printed products.

Outside of academia, Vladyslav likes travelling and exploring new cultures, with favourite places in Canada, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Ukraine. He also enjoys cycling, landscape photography, outdoor activities and communication with people. Vladyslav’s major goals are to enable the global population to live in a healthy environment and to lead happy lifestyles. 

Vlad's MScSM Internship: IMI


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