Ru Yap

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Bachelor of Arts, Double Major in Architecture and Visual Studies • University of Toronto


Ru Yap was born in Singapore, grew up in Sydney Australia during her high school years and completed her bachelor's degree in Toronto Canada. Australia was where she developed a passion for interactive art. She studied Architecture and Visual Arts (with a focus in installation and performance works) in University.

During her university years, she was intensively involved in the organization, AIESEC, which aims to develop leaders with a global mindset in students by sending students on internships abroad. As president of the University of Toronto local Chapter, she facilitated 60 work and volunteer placements in Canada and abroad.  Along with sending students abroad, she developed a membership of 50 students of which 60% of them went on to pursue a leadership role within or outside of AIESEC. Last summer, she went on an internship in Indonesia for three months and lived in a rural community for a project aimed at developing rural villages in Indonesia. The team created a food product start-up from scratch that is continuing after the team left the village.

Ru's current future goal is to work in a non- profit or an organization that has a direct benefit to its community or the earth. She would like to work in a team of passionate individuals towards positive impact. For fun, she enjoys trying any new experiences, seeing the world through the eyes of another person as well as being fiercely passionate about creating fashion, art and dancing. 

Ru's MScSM Internship: RPRA


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