Melisa Marin


Bachelor of Administrative Engineer EIA University of Medellin


Melisa graduated from the EIA University of Medellin, with a degree in administrative engineering, throughout her career she was very close and interested in sustainability, after university she took a certificate course in sustainable leadership at the University of Oxford and a course of project management.

Her interest in sustainability began when she was little and she walked with her father through the farms and crops, they had for fruit export, there she understood the importance of working on equity and transparency with the workers as well as care and support of the environment through the circular economy and regenerative agriculture.

Through these experiences, she decided to start an initiative in her father's company Jardin exotics, where she contributed to the implementation of solar panels, regenerative agricultural practices, initiatives for the conservation of endangered species such as the Yellow-eared Parrot and the creation of a fund for the children of the town of Jardín, Antioquia.

She has been part of different investigations around sustainability, such as her thesis on the relationship of sustainability with the financial performance of companies in Colombia, she participated in the creation of the first energy community in the neighborhood of El Salvador Colombia and carried out a joint study with the university of Hoffenheim in Germany about the feasibility of a biorefinery in Colombia. In these studies, she worked with various structures such as the ESG standards, sustainability indexes as Dow jones, the ODS, doughnut economics and some others.

Since graduating, she has worked in international logistics, where she has put her knowledge to use in areas such as sales, critical thinking, problem solving, and resilience. She has managed to understand the importance of building a sustainable logistics network powered by renewable energy, this is one of her great interests, as well as regenerative agriculture, and her desire is to create an organization that can contribute in one of these areas.

In her free time Melisa likes to read all kinds of books, she believes in what Bill Gates said one day about how our dreams are driven by our reading and one day at the age of 10 reading who moved my cheese, she learned the most beautiful and important lesson of her life, the lesson was that change always happens, the important thing is the way in which we deal with it and how take advantage of it.

In addition to reading, Melisa has always been an athlete. She was a Colombian national team for swimming and underwater rugby, and there, through sports, she learned how important sacrifice and discipline are to achieve success in her life, that is why she also love ocean conservation, a life around water teaches to love every creature in it.