Aishwarya Babu

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LEED Green Associate & Bachelor of Design (B.Des) , Major in Environmental Design • OCAD University  


As an active interdisciplinary professional, Aishwarya is committed to deconstruct information by understanding the interdependencies of the business and natural world. Being ethically conscientious, she focuses on environmentalism through her lifestyle; she makes her own skin care and laundry supplies in an effort to ensure fair-trade, natural and organic sources that advocate for improved socio-economic structures.

Aishwarya has lived in five countries: India, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Canada and traveled to fifteen others. Growing up in areas of political strife instilled a multidimensional perspective, which is sensitive to the issues among marginalized communities around the world. The cross-cultural experience propels her to examine controversies and crises through the lens of globalization. 

During her undergraduate studies in Environmental Design, she engaged in permaculture principles while tackling issues on energy, food, water and healthcare through cradle-to-cradle processes needed for a circular economy; this was a turning point for Aishwarya because it unraveled many overlaps between emotional healing and ecological health.

With the combination of Environmental Design, Data Science and Sustainability Management, her long-term goals is to leveraging systems approach with iterative design to bring accountability in global supply chains and unravel meaningful innovation at the intersections of sustainability.

Her personal motto is : "Change the story to change the facts." 


Aishwarya's MScSM Internship: Canada Fibres


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