Enoch Lam


Bachelor of Arts, Geography • University of British Columbia


Enoch graduated in 2021 from the University of British Columbia Bachelor of Arts program with a major in Geography (Environment and Sustainability) and a minor in Economics. Growing up in Hong Kong, one of the most densely populated urban areas, to then begin a new life in British Columbia as a teen, he was stunned by vast mountain terrains, forests and lakes. For the first time, he realized the true beauty of nature, as well as the tiny existence of humans in the vastness of the environment. In spite of this difference in size, humanity’s impact on the environment is immense which causes great harm not only to wildlife and ecosystems but also to communities. Having this background knowledge, Enoch felt inspired as he found his passion in sustainability. He is driven to help promote sustainability practices to businesses and organizations, so as to bring a positive impact to the broader world. 

During his undergraduate studies, Enoch has built a solid foundation in the concept of sustainability, through learning about the fundamental environment and sustainability issues from various local and global perspectives. He has acquired knowledge of life-cycle analysis, sustainable resource management, the economics behind resource use and more. In addition, Enoch undertook community-based research with 4 other groupmates, which focuses on the redevelopment projects in the Riley Park neighbourhood while tackling the subject of affordable housing in Vancouver, BC. Specifically, he was responsible to contact and interview real estate developers and other key stakeholders, and also gathering research materials on the current state of social/ co-op housing in BC. Furthermore, he contributed to the research of a recently published research article, titled “How does the environmental state ‘see’ endangered marine animals?”, in the Environmental Science & Policy journal, as he was being credited as a co-author.  

Enoch has worked in a variety of different roles in which he has showcase problem-solving, management, organizational, collaboration skills. Last summer, he worked as an Interior Design and Project Management Intern in Hong Kong. Based on the clients’ needs and budget constraints, he facilitated the overall design process, from creating 2D & 3D floorplans to the selection of colour schemes and materials. In particular, he assisted in on-site management throughout the construction period in one design-build project. Working as a Building Surveyor Intern, he inspected the external drainage systems of over 50 residential buildings. The conditions of drainage pipes would then be summarized in detailed written reports with photo records. Enoch also worked as an Operations Assistant to help provide domestic Canadian delivery services for ZYIA Active, a growing US activewear brand. He managed daily delivery orders and maintained a well-organized inventory storage space to improve work efficiency. 

In his spare time, Enoch enjoys spending time outdoors, strolling in the park, hiking and playing basketball. He also enjoys travelling to different countries, being exposed to different cultures, cuisine and people.