Zeyuan (David) Sun


Bachelor of Science(Summa Cum Laude), Tourism Development and Management • Arizona State University

Bachelor of Arts, Hospitality Management Hainan University


Zeyuan received a B.S. in Tourism Development and Management from Arizona State University and a B.A. in Hospitality Management from Hainan University. As an avid backpacker, he has traveled through so many places of the world, like East Africa, New Zealand, Indonesia, Nepal, North America, Northern Europe and so on. And from these experiences, he had cultivated the inclusive version of coexistence different cultures, and also raised the interests in pursuing Tourism Science. During his undergraduate studies, he researched different cutting-edge tourism cases around the globe with a perspective that spanned management, environmental science, and sociology. He realized that in addition to business knowledge, environmental sustainability and the inclusion and collaboration of human communities were essential to the progress of the industry. These experiences have sparked his interest in addressing tourism development challenges to achieve sustainability.

Zeyuan has practical experience in a variety of industries and organizations, including manufacturing, new energy vehicles, FMCG, hotels and resorts, and social entrepreneurship. He has interned at Siemens Energy, where he learned in depth about the global energy strategies of leading enterprises and coordinated a global employee community equality and diversity-related sustainable HR project, generating awareness of organizational community development issues. Experiences in other organizations, such as Nestle, Volkswagen, and Marriott, provided him with a large reservoir of knowledge and a broad base of practice. He plans to work in sustainability and ESG consulting, developing sustainability strategies and practical measures for companies and organizations or specific industries to create shared value and a positive impact on different stakeholders.

He spent three years working as one of the principals in the incubation process of a social entrepreneurship project for an organization that aims to build a professional regional integration platform for elder age-appropriate travel services through collaboration with the government to provide inclusive solutions linking dependent groups. This has deepened his understanding of business models that organically combine profitability with community and public value in the context of cross-border cooperation. In addition to this, he has assisted as a research assistant in conducting research on the sustainability of regional public brands. This focused on brand resilience related to areas where tourism is the mainstay of the economy, i.e. how to reverse consumer stereotypes to revitalize regional brands.

Zeyuan spends his spare time traveling at will, exploring the hidden beauty of the world in unfamiliar places. He is also an avid fan of Bayern Munich and rock music.