Dr. Shashi Kant

MScSM Program Director



Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI)
University of Toronto Mississauga
Innovation Complex, 3359 Mississauga Road, Ontario, L5L1C6
Phone: 905-569-5739
Phone: 416-978-6196
E-mail: shashi.kant@utoronto.ca

Class of 2019

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Program Director Shashi Kant, Professor Ilan Vertinsky, and Professor Yiwen Zhang publishes article titled "Enhancing stakeholder engagement in sustainable forest management: A multi-domain comparative analysis of forest-related beliefs, values, and behaviors of Canadian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal groups". 

Check out the article presentation here and the accompanying video here.


Dr.Shashi Kant is Director of Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) Program. In addition to his administrative duties, he teaches two courses in the program; most fittingly, the first and last core courses; SSM1010Y - Principles of Sustainability Management and SSM1090H - Capstone: The Sustainable Enterprise.

Shashi is a Professor at the Institute for Management & Innovation (IMI).


Shashi's research has been focused on extending the boundaries of forest economics beyond the economics of timber. He has published five books and more than 100 refereed journal articles and book chapters. He is leading a Global Research Initiative called New Frontiers of Forest Economics (NEFFE).

Shashi is editor-in-chief of a book series, Sustainability, Economics and Natural Resources, published by Springer. The book series aims to integrate the concept of sustainability into forest economics as well as reflect the multi and interdisciplinary nature of economics. Four volumes of this book-series have been published; the first two volumes of the series were co- edited and the fourth volume was edited by Shashi. He has also co-edited Handbook of Forest Resource Economics.

He is Associate Editor of the Canadian Journal of Forest Research and Journal of Forest Economics. He has guest edited three special volumes of Forest Policy and Economics. He is a member of the selection committee for the Soren Wibe Prize in Forest Economics. He is the Coordinator of IUFRO Research Group on Forest Economics. 

A complete list of Dr. Shashi Kant's publications.


Over the years, Dr. Shashi Kant has designed over 20 graduate and under-graduate courses. He takes pride in designing courses that acknowledges students' interests and observations.   

He continues to teach with MScSM program as the instructor for:

Complete list of Dr. Shashi Kant's courses.


Includes Students who have Completed their Ph.D. Degree 

Dai, Zhe. Decision-making analyses of farmers in rural China regarding forestry under different contexts of risk: investment, cooperation, and provision of public goods. August 2023.

Qiu, Lingling. Indigenous People’s Perceptions, Satisfaction, and Willingness to Continue Participation in the Second Phase of China’s Grain for Green Program. August 2023. 

Oscar Geovani Martínez Cortés. The Colombian Forest Sector Model: An Analysis of Forest Plantation Policy in Colombia. April 2023. 

Filewod, Ben. Three Studies of the Interaction between Forest Quality and Forest Sector Development. 2022. Assistant Professorial Research Fellow in Conservation Finance, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK.

Yiwen, Zhang. Post-2003 collective forest tenure reform in Fujian, China: institutional diversity and farmer’s preferences. 2019. Assistant Professor, Renmin University, Beijing.

Kumar, P. Households’ Preferences, Strategic Interactions, and Joint Forest Management Outcomes. 2017. Economics Specialist – Forest Economy, Ministry of Natural Resource and Forestry

G. Casimirri. Outcomes and Prospects for Collaboration in Two Aboriginal and NonAboriginal Forest Management Negotiations in Ontario, 2013. Executive Director, Oakvillegreen Conservation Association.

Tajinder Pal Singh Bhatia. Economic analysis of World’s carbon markets. 2011. Chief Conservator of Forest, Forest Department of Haryana, India.

Wood Peter. Public Forests, Private Governance: The Role of Government in Forest Certification in Canada. 2009. Free Lance Consultant, Vancouver, BC.

Tang Xiaoli. Economic analysis of north American pulp and paper markets, and competitiveness study for Canadian pulp and paper industry. 2008. Senior Program Officer, Blue Moon Foundation, USA.

Khajuria Rajendra. Three essays on real options analysis of forestry investments under stochastic timber prices. 2008. Principal Chief Conservator of Forest, Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, Hyderabad, India.

Yang, Feng’e. Economic Analysis of Ontario’s Stumpage System, Ph. D., 2008, Senior Economist, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Sault Ste. Marie

Shahi, Chandra. Economic Analysis of the North American Softwood Lumber Markets. November, 2007. Professor and Dean, School of Graduate Studies, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Martin Kijazi. Stakeholder-Centered Evaluation of Needs, Priorities and Well-being of Forest Beneficiaries, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, October 2007. Freeland Consultant, Tanzania.

Smith, Peggy. Sustainable Forest Management through Co-management in North-western Ontario, July 2007. Associate Professor, Faculty of Forestry, Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Robson, Mark. Social Capital, Context, Consensus-building and Cooperation in Community- based Forest Management, 2004, Freelance Consultant, Toronto Ontario, Canada.

Kumar Sushil. Organizational Resistance to Community-based Forest Management in Forest Department India, 2004. Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, India

Nguyen Van Ha. Social Capital, Economics, and Waste Management in Vietnam, 2004, Senior Economist, Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Misra, Dinesh. Production and Efficiency Analysis of Joint Forest Management in Gujarat State of India, 2004. Retired Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Gujarat, India

Read Dr. Shashi Kant's full CV here for the complete list of students he supervised. 

Awards and Research Grants

Shashi has most recently been awarded the Order of Ontario. The Live Feed of the ceremony can be found online on February 27, 2018.

Shashi was also interviewed for Day Out with a Star the week of February 20, 2018.

Shashi was awarded the 2016 Life Science Award from the AI Global Media Ltd, International Publishing Group.

Shashi - with his MScSM Program team - is the recipient of the IMI Team Collaboration Award 2016.

He is also the recipient of many awards: Queen’s Award for Forestry (2008), the Scientific Achievement Award of Canadian Institute of Forestry (2007), the Scientific Achievement Award of the International Union of Forestry Research Organizations (IUFRO) (2005), and the Ontario’s Premier Research Excellence Award (2004) for his research. He has also received  International Students Excellence Award, City of Toronto, (2012).   

A complete list of research grants awarded to Dr. Shashi Kant's. 

A complete list of Dr. Shashi Kant's awards.


Shashi's Orientation 2015 Opening Remarks - that welcomed the MScSM Program Class of 2017 - available for download.

Shashi's Orientation 2016 Opening Remarks - that welcomed the MScSM Program Class of 2018 - available for download.

Shashi's Orientation 2019 Opening Remarks - that welcomed the MScSM Program Class of 2021 - available for download.

Shashi has presented many times at scientific meetings and seminars and conducted workshops all over the world on Sustainable Forest Management, Evolving Paradigms of Forest Management, Natural Resource Conservation, and many related topics

For a complete list of talks and conference Shashi presented at, click here


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