Nicola Radatus-Smith


Bachelor of Science, Biology, Minor in Biochemistry • University of Windsor


Nicola completed her Bachelor of Science in 2021, majoring in biology and minoring in biochemistry at the University of Windsor. She chose biology as a way to learn various aspects of biology and chemistry before finding what specific area resonated with her the most. She found a passion for sustainability after taking classes in the field of environmental science, specifically learning about species impact from human induced rapid ecological change. With this background in mind, Nicola wants to use the MScSM to learn how she can help to reduce the negative impacts human impose on the environment.

Nicola is also interested in social science, such as psychology, and wants to learn more about what motivates individuals to make sustainable changes in their lives to help better the planet. She’s very excited to start MScSM as its a unique interdisciplinary program that will encompass multiple areas of study that she is interested in. 

From an early age, Nicola has been gaining work experience and has developed a variety of skills from working various positions. These positions include tutoring, serving, restoration work, and engagement facilitator. She enjoys trying new things and gaining new skills, keeping in mind she will be hard working and passionate in whatever she sets her mind to. Through her love for the environment Nicola jumped at the chance to move out west to the mountains where she worked for two summers in a row in the food and beverage department. This most recent summer, Nicola was able to carry her passion for sustainability and make sustainable changes in the workplace to reduce the waste production from her department. She has also been very fortunate to interact with people that come from different backgrounds than her own. This has been important for her growth as she enjoys learning and gain new perspectives from collaborating with those around her.

Outside of work and school, Nicola enjoys spending time in nature. Whether that be hiking or going on walks through the forests, she loves being outside as much as she can. Additionally, she enjoys reading books, such as historical fiction or books about the environment, journaling, yoga, cooking, and going to the gym.

Nicola's MScSM Internship: RPRA

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Nicola's Research Poster


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