Lina Contreras Mora

Lina Contreras Mora


Lina graduated in 2005 from University Externado de Colombia, where she received a Bachelor in in Finance and International Relations. In 2008 she received a Specialization Degree in Capital Markets from Universidad del Rosario where she was awarded by her academic excellence. In 2011 she graduated from a Master in Finance at Universidad de los Andes.    

Overall, she has got diverse experience of more than 17 years in capital markets, financing and investor relations, where she got her interest in sustainability and the need to receive academic grounds on the matter to incorporate to her daily activities. As a woman with a leading position in a Latam O&G Company, she´s determined to break glass ceilings, regardless of the difficulties, and become a valuable counterpart in any discussion on sustainability.

Her career started at the Colombian Stock Exchange and the Self-Regulatory Organization (AMV), where she understood the importance of capital markets and its regulation as a source of financing and as engine to develop financial markets. Then, at the Colombian Ministry of Finance, she participated in the creation and launching of Investor Relations Colombia (IRC), Ministry´s IR Office and execute several international bond issuances which allow her to understand the issuers point of view.  Later she incorporated the corporate perspective through her participation as part of Debt Management and Investor Relations Division at Endesa Group (currently Enel) where she expanded her knowledge of financing products and began her relation to sustainability due to cleaner energies development.

Finally, for the 9 past years she could position herself in a leading position at the biggest oil and gas company in Colombia – Ecopetrol, where she had to learn sustainability concepts trough her involvement within ESG reports preparation (e.g. TCFD), investor and bank meetings where the sustainable angle was incorporated and decarbonization and energy transition announcements. It has become a challenge for her to move the organization towards the accomplishment of sustainable objectives and incorporate sustainability into its DNA and part of the decision-making process.  

Her sustainability interests include the challenge of transitioning to a zero-carbon and environmentally sustainable economic model, its incorporation in terms of metrics or sustainable projects that are credible among stakeholders, structure new business cases incorporating sustainable variables, develop new strategies in the interaction with the financial sector and capital markets agents and provide new angles to setting mechanisms to measure progress and the alignment  corporates with governments ambitions.

Lina is an enthusiastic curious, caring and rigorous leader, with passion for mentoring and empowering other women to growth personally and professionally. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, travelling, running, learning about positive discipline to practice with her 3-year daughter, reading, dancing and spending time with friends and family.

Lina's MScSM Internship: Siemens Canada Limited

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