Matthew Zarmati


Bachelor of Education • Junior/Intermediate •  University of Toronto

Bachelor of Arts • History, Minor in Human Resources • Ryerson University


Matthew graduated from Ryerson University in 2010 with a degree from the Bachelor of Arts and Contemporary Studies program. His primary area of study was 20th century history and human resources. During his undergraduate study Matthew volunteered in an elementary school and worked in a summer camp supporting children with special needs. Upon completion of his undergraduate degree, Matthew matriculated at OISE, University of Toronto’s education program. He obtained his Bachelor of Education in 2011.

After completing his studies, Matthew worked for Norwegian Cruise Lines as a youth counselor. He designed and implemented interactive themed programs and activities for children and families onboard cruise ships. In this role, he conducted several programs geared at educating children about the imperativeness of protecting the world’s oceans. When his third contract with Norwegian Cruise Lines was up, Matthew moved to South Korea and taught English and social studies to elementary students at a Canadian-curriculum based school. In 2013 he moved back to Canada and taught at a Toronto private school. While there, he co-created and implemented a campaign with his students to improve recycling and waste management at their school. From these experiences, Matthew discovered his passion for creating environmentally responsible and sustainability initiatives.

While applying for entrance in UofT’ s Sustainability Management program, Matthew worked for Shoppers Drug Mart at their central office as a Customer Care Representative. At Shoppers he strengthened his conflict resolution, customer service and problem solving skills, skills he believes are essential for a career in sustainability management.

Through Matthew’s studies in the MScSM program, he developed a passion for sustainable agriculture, food security, and a particular interest in aquaculture. He authored a paper on the impacts of climate change on aquaculture, and another on navigating the legal channels that govern the industry in Canada. After completing his first year of studies, he worked as a sustainability intern at Cole-Munro Foods and the Ontario Aquaculture Association. While there, he provided support to the BAP implementation team, serving as a resource, editor, and developed BAP documentation. He also conducted mock audits, and spearheaded the OAA’s social media campaign.

In his spare time, Matthew enjoys hiking, cycling, and going on adventures in foreign countries. In 2011 he volunteered for Habitat for Humanity in West Virginia. When Matthew isn’t travelling, he enjoys reading, watching documentaries, and cooking with family and friends.

Matt's MScSM Internship: Cole-Munro

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