Julia Shen

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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, Specialization •​ ​Queen's University


From a young age, Julia has been involved with sustainability. Ranging from finding efficient methods to solve problems, volunteering in social events and garbage clean-up along shorelines, sustainability issues have shaped her experiences. 

Julia graduated from Queen's University with a Bachelor's of Science in Biochemistry. Through that degree, she has accumulated a lot of knowledge about science and was interested in how science could really impact the global landscape moving forward. These experiences enhanced Julia's analytical mindset and has given her a strong scientific approach when faced with challenges. Throughout her University years, Julia has been an active participant in social promotion through volunteering in local groups, university clubs, hospitals and events. She has volunteered with the Queen's Earth Center, the Kingston General Hospital, and the Science for Peace Campus Group at the University of Toronto to name a few. She has seen a tremendous amount of social and environmental issues that plague individuals on a daily basis and has impacted her interest in being part of the solution.

In addition to volunteer experience, Julia enjoys working in fast-paced environments. She has taken opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry, as a Medical Assistant and in a number of fast-moving research laboratories. What she enjoys most is being able to contribute her perspective and contribute to a successful program or project. These experiences have shaped Julia's interest in promoting social sustainability issues. 

Julia makes an effort to bring sustainability in her everyday life. She practices minimalism when she can, supports and volunteers at events promoting environmental issues, and consumes a diet that is less impactful to the environment. She enjoys outdoor activities such as visiting national parks, hiking and camping. She also enjoys solving challenging problems and puzzles and thus enjoys activities like Rubix cubes and escape simulations. 

Julia's MScSM Internship: Sanofi Genzyme


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