Shreya Agarwal

Shreya Agarwal

Honours Bachelor of Arts, Environment Studies and Environmental Geography, Minor in Spanish, Sustainability Pathway Certificate • University of Toronto


Shreya Agarwal graduated from the University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Environmental Geography, a minor in Spanish and a Sustainability Pathway certificate. She hopes to pursue a career in the field of environment and sustainability with a multidisciplinary component that lets her explore other fields and industries to learn and grow. Her well-rounded education has given her a background in relevant disciplines such as chemistry, economics, geography, and the environment and has given her the holistic perspective needed to tackle sustainability from every angle. She through her experiences, she has a different outlook that will foster the innovation and out-of-the-box thinking required to integrate sustainability into society.

My work experience consists of my current job – Policy and program assistant at the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and parks, where I collaborate with my teams to develop the Environmental penalties five-year review and conduct risk review sessions. She develops a better understanding of the Ontario environmental fund, its operations and its use in helping non-profits and first nations. She developed and refined her data analysis, project management, research and communications skills by achieving all set deliverables. In her role as a sustainability intern at the University of Toronto Mississauga - where she was responsible for implementing the Sustainable Strategic Plan and the Sustainable Change Program, which focuses on embedding sustainability in all areas of campus by collaborating with staff, faculty and student groups. She was given autonomy to make decisions, oversee other student interns and trusted to sit in on meetings for her supervisor, lead her own meetings and work with senior managers and external stakeholders. Her experience also includes multiple volunteering roles that have always been in support of the environment, sustainability, and community development – she strives to create a positive impact wherever I work. Through her volunteering initiatives, she has been in prominent roles that required leadership, strategic planning, stakeholder management and problem-solving skills to achieve successful outcomes. Through her experiences, she has had the opportunity to work with, learn from and grow with a diverse group of individuals.

She loves meeting new people, creating new memories and going on spontaneous adventures. She loves to cook and is often seen in the kitchen creating new recipes. In addition, she loves travelling, hiking, listening to new music and exploring new cultures.

Shreya's MScSM Internship: Dream


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