Mariana Gabriela Garcia Ruiz Garcia


Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science, Water Environment & Ecosystems • McGill University


Mariana graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Water Environments and Ecosystems in 2018. Throughout her undergraduate degree she became interested in water resources, environmental protection, community engagement, and business management. She is interested in creating sustainable businesses and learn how to integrate sustainability in different business areas.

Her path to discover sustainability started in high school when she integrated an urban ecology program called C-Vert. She realized that investing time in community projects was a way to promote a sustainable lifestyle. So, she started working and volunteering as a sustainability officer at Vanier College and was involved with AIESEC, a student-run organisation, to spend six weeks in Morocco as a volunteer to promote climate action through community-based activities. She was also an organizer for the organisation Apathy is Boring in Montreal and helped create the project Beat the Cup to promote the use of reusable cups in coffee shops . During her undergraduate degree, Mariana conducted several scientific research projects. One of the most memorable was the Rainwater Management project, which was selected to be incorporated in her university’s sustainable plans for their vision 2020. Mariana started to invest time to make her family’s business more sustainable and she is working to implement an environmental management plan. She hopes that her passion for the environment, for community engagement, and for entrepreneurship helps create innovative businesses that value sustainable values.

Mariana has always loved physical activities and has been part of several sports and martial arts such as rowing, swimming, Muay-Thai, Capoeira, Wushu, and gymnastics. She also loves acting and has participated in several cinematographic projects and films. She recently discovered a talent while she was preparing to open her business, which is painting, and she loves it. 

Mariana's MScSM Internship: Global Compact Network Canada


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