Athbah Almuhairi

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Bachelor of Arts, Biology with Specialization in Ecology and Conservation Biology Boston University


Having witnessed the transforming landscapes in her hometown of Dubai, Athbah is driven to be part of the sustainability conversation and bridging the gap between what sustainability means from business to end-user. 

She began her sustainability journey by studying Ecology and Conservation Biology at Boston University. Upon graduating in 2015, Athbah immersed herself in the energy sector by working as an Environmental Analyst at the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, where she began taking note of sustainability’s many challenges .

Athbah has a keen interest in the socio-economic aspects that impede sustainable growth.  By living and working in a dynamic and multicultural city, Athbah is inspired by the multifaceted perspective needed to tackle sustainability issues and disruptive innovation’s societal-technological dilemma.

From her undergraduate to her current career, Athbah has a wide range of experiences under her belt. These include conducting climate change research in the Ecuadorian amazon, partaking in volunteer climate change research trips with the World Wildlife Fund,  tackling waste management issues within organizations, assessing Environmental risk assessments for renewable energy and green building projects, and environmental auditing (she is ISO 14001:2015 internal auditor certified).  

Athbah has a deep love of travel, adventure, and storytelling. She is driven by a passion for being out of her comfort zone.  Through her many travels and experiences she has learnt that adventures are great, but misadventures make for better stories.

Athbah's MScSM Internship: EllisDon

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Athbah's Research Poster

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