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Bachelor of Arts • Specialist in Environmental Geography, and Minors in Environmental Ethics, and Forestry • University of Toronto


Tom Chen is a graduate from the University of Toronto (Class of 2017), graduating with a Bachelor's in Arts, specializing in environmental geography. He grew up in Toronto after immigrating from China when he was just 5 years old. Tom is goal-orientated, focused, and looks to find new adventures, and opportunities every day.

Tom has a wide field of experiences ranging from academic to athletic. During this time, he received two Academic All-Canadian awards. Academically and professionally, Tom is very passionate about the environment and sustainability, more specifically water resource management. During university, he worked on many projects relating to water scarcity in African countries such as Libya, and Djibouti; as well as presentations about building community resilience against climate change in less developed areas of the world. Tom has also worked as a booth operator for Toronto Water, doing community outreach at city environment days and events, about efficient water management around the house, and in commercial businesses as well. Moreover, one of Tom's many passions is sports; he has been a member of the University of Toronto Varsity Blues Men's Volleyball program throughout university as a Libero, competing in both the OUA and CIS (now USports). Tom has also spent a summer studying in Ecuador, one of the world's most diverse geographical areas, home to the Andes mountains, the Amazon rain forest, and the Galapagos Islands. 

Tom's goal for the future is to create programs or initiatives that help manage water more efficiently and sustainably both here at home in Canada, and aboard. Hopefully through this, the world will change its view on water, and value the resource more than it has in the past (especially in more developed counties), before we get to the point where water scarcity becomes a worldwide problem. The MScSM program is a great stepping stone to hopefully achieve this one day. 

In his spare time, Tom is still involved in volleyball both as a player and as a coach. Outside of volleyball, he tries to explore as much as the city as possible and go on adventures with his friends and family. Another huge interest of Tom's is baseball, having family from Boston, he has been a long-time Red Sox fan, and dreams of going to a World Series game at Fenway Park one day. 

Tom's MScSM Internship: Ecostrat


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